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I.Usual ways: internships, part-time job, full-time job or qualified worker
A.  Internship. Anyone with a student visa can get involved in an internship program on a company. If the internship is already in the study program it won’t be necessary to apply for a working permit, if it’s not included, then a working permit must be granted.
B.  Part-time job. Anyone with a student visa can work part-time, but first he/she must apply for a working permit. The job must be compatible with the study program and the working permit will last only until the study visa does, so it’s not an independent permit.
C.  Medicine students have some special perks.
D.  From student visa to working permit. If the student wants to work full time, either for a company or self-employed, he/she must apply for a working permit. This permit requires: that the student has stayed in Spain for a minimum of 3 years, that the study program has been finished, the he/she hasn’t received a public grant.
E.  Qualified workers. It’s a foresight for degree or master students in business schools of “recognized prestige”
II.Other less traditional options
1.   After 3 years of residence (padrón) you can apply for an exceptional permit called “arraigo”. This permit requires you to have a favorable report from the local authorities (ayuntamiento) that basically states your involvement in the country. This basically requires that you’ve taken steps to integrate yourself like taking catalán courses and so on.
2.   Marrying a spanish national or a EU-state member national (or creating a civil union with them). This option allows you to access the EU family member status. It is required that the EU citizen is currently working.
3.   There are other options exceptional in its nature that won’t be mentioned (for example: political asylum or real estate investors)
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